Absolatido, je externe oor met absoluut gehoor absolatido beginscherm

Your external ear with perfect pitch

Singsolatido beginscherm Singsolatido, spelenderwijs intervallen leren zingen

To practise first sight singing intervals

Songsolatido, spelenderwijs van blad leren zingen Songsolatido spelscherm

To learn first sight singing music scores

Falling Keys spelscherm Falling Keys, spelenderwijs de namen van pianotoetsen leren

Play ‘tetris’ with the keys of your piano

‘As an amateur musician, I’ve really enjoyed your apps Singsolatido and Songsolatido - they’re by the far the best tool I’ve found for developing my sight-singing skills. So first of all, thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!
I also admire the app from a programming perspective, since I myself am a student programmer. (I attend the University of Utah as a Computer Science major.) The pitch recognition is so responsive to subtle variation, and it’s amazingly resilient in the presence of noise. It’s so reliable that I can just trust it to work, no matter what microphone I’m using or where I am.
… Currently I’m using Fast Fourier Transform to break down the signal, looping over the output to find the dominant frequency, and calculating the specular flatness to filter out noise. But it’s sure got a long ways to go before approaching the robustness of your algorithms! …
Thank you, again, for your wonderful apps. They’ve really helped me a lot!’
Sincerely, April Martin